Frequently asked questions


What is home watch?

It is the duty of the home watch provider to conduct a comprehensive check of the home of the seasonal resident.  A home watch professional is trained to notice damage in the early stages and to take appropriate steps to keep it from becoming a disaster.  


Why do I need a Home Watch Service?  

Each season, many absentee home owners may rely on friends or neighbors to watch their homes. These individuals are not insured, properly trained or bonded, which leaves the property vulnerable. Do you really want friends or neighbors having access to your personal items?  What happens if the individual watching your home forgets to visit often enough to catch a serious problem?  So many things can happen in your absence: storms, flooding, break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, rodents, mold, and even an occasional fire. It may not be a matter of IF... it may be a matter of WHEN. Did you know that it can take as little as 72 hours for dangerous mold to begin to grow if humidity levels in your home increase?  If your air conditioning fails, humidity levels will rise.  Even if you have a trusted neighbor or relative nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf is a much more effective option. In addition, our home watch service will be standing by to assist if an emergency arises and we will contact the qualified vendors to address the issue. We do not accept compensation from any vendors for referrals.


Why should I choose a qualified, professionally trained home watch professional?

At Acuity Home Watch our professionals strive to bring peace of mind to homeowners that are away from their property. We are accredited, insured, trained, and bonded and have the resources to handle any situation.  Whether it’s your primary residence, a vacation house, or second home—we offer a vital service to the homeowner.  Seasonal residents are starting to see that home watch is essential in preventing a disaster.  Some insurance companies may require having a home watch company check your home on a regular basis while you are away before writing a homeowner’s policy.  Some damage claims may be questioned if the homeowner leaves their home unattended for an extended period of time and does not engage the services of a home watch provider while away. As we have said, a Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home!


Why should I hire Acuity Home Watch?

You and your home are our only priorities!  Our sole responsibility is to act on your behalf while being your eyes and ears for your home. We do this for a living, not as a hobby.  We check both the inside and outside of your property using the latest available techniques and technology. If there is a situation at your home, we will contact you immediately.  Then, we can offer alternatives on how to handle the problem in the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way.  


What documentation do you provide?

We use a Home Watch Management and Reporting software that is GPS enabled and provides proof that a visit has been completed and the time of submission.  It is a cloud based system with a detailed checklist customized for each individual home and is completed and submitted on site.  Permanent documentation of every visit is accessible on any computer or mobile device for each of our clients.  Pictures and comments can be added to any portion of the checklist and the client is able to comment or respond to any report we submit to you.  This is something that sets us apart from other home watch businesses.


What other services do you provide?

Along with inspections of the entire interior and exterior of your home, we offer concierge services.  If your cars or golf carts need to be driven while you are away, we provide that service as well as preparing your home for your arrival.  There are additional fees for these other services.