faq: Key holder services

What are Key Holder Services?

Acuity Home Watch holds keys for homes for a fee and keeps keys available for entrance to home.  We will meet:

·      Cleaning Service providers

·      Delivery people

·      Construction

·      Security alarm companies

·      Repair companies

·      Pest control companies

·      Service companies

. Mail collection and forwarding


Who is a candidate for Key Holder services?

·      Anyone that owns a second home

·      Anyone who lives alone

·      Children of elderly parents who live out of the area

·      Vacation Rentals By Owner

·      Corporations that own housing


What about emergencies?

·      We are available 24/7

·      We will notify someone that is a named contact or take care of the emergency ourselves.

·      We charge a separate fee for emergencies


Where does Acuity Home Watch keep the keys and what security precautions do they take?

·      Keys are kept in a lockbox in the office that is secured to prevent theft

·      A minimum of two sets of keys per home are kept and one is locked away.  The other is available to use

·      The keys are labeled with a code