Concierge Services

Serving Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach Counties



Car Driving Service 

Many seasonal residents leave their vehicles at their home while they are gone.  Acuity Home Watch will drive your car so that the battery remains charged, take your car in for scheduled maintenance service or have your car detailed and ready for your return. 


Errand Service

We will shop and stock your home with groceries.  If there are other items on your to-do list, we will take care of them as well:

·      Florist

·      Gift shopping and wrapping

·      Dry cleaning

·      Groceries

·      Post office

. Mail collection and forwarding

Hurricane Preparation

We prepare your home for an impending storm.  Many vacant homes are left vulnerable during hurricane season. Don’t be caught off guard!

Before the Storm We Will:

·      Bring in outdoor items

·      Facilitate storm shutter closing and installation

·      Document and photograph interior and exterior of home for insurance purposes

After the Storm:

·      Facilitate opening or removal of storm shutters

·      Return outdoor items 

·      Document and photograph any damage

·      Arrange and coordinate property cleanup as needed

Additional Services:

Any other customized, reasonable request will be accommodated! We provide personal service with attention to detail. No detail will be overlooked. We strive to provide total, personal satisfaction. All concierge services are provided for an additional cost.