What is home watch Service?

A home watch service consists of regularly-scheduled inspections of both the interior and exterior of unoccupied homes. Acuity Home Watch’s primary emphasis is ensuring that their clients’ homes are secure and there are no issues with water leaks, animal or bug infestations, rain or storm damage, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning or heating, vandalism, mold or various other concerns.

How often do I need someone to inspect My Home?

This is a personal issue. It is difficult to determine exactly how often someone should have their home inspected. If an issue arises, it is always best if it can be identified before it becomes a large problem. For safety reasons, once a week would be best. However, many clients feel every two weeks is sufficient. We believe that less frequent inspections do not provide the level of security needed to ensure that our clients’ homes are properly taken care of while they are away.

Why should I hire Acuity Home Watch?

You home is our #1 priority!  Acuity Home Watch uses a GPS software system that informs you when we are doing your home watch inspection.  We are insured and bonded. There is not a license offered in the state of Florida at this time for the home watch industry. We have a business license and we are certified and accredited by the National Home Watch Association. We also are professionally trained and tested by Your Home Watch Professionals, LLC in Naples, Florida.

What other services do you provide?

For an additional fee we offer car drives, hurricane preparation, key-in and concierge services.

Why do I need a Home Watch Service?

Each season, many absentee home owners and vacationers may rely on friends or neighbors to watch their homes. These individuals most likely are not business licensed, insured, bonded, or properly trained. This can leave your property vulnerable. Do you really want untrained friends or neighbors taking care of your home?  What happens if the individual watching your home forgets to visit often enough to mitigate a serious problem?  So many things can happen in your absence: storms, flooding, break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, rodents, mold, or a possible fire. It may not be a matter of IF… it may be a matter of WHEN something goes wrong. Did you know that it can take as little as 72 hours for dangerous mold to begin to grow if humidity levels in your home are high?  If your air conditioning fails, humidity levels will rise.  Even if you have a trusted neighbor or relative nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf will provide peace of mind. In an emergency, we will contact you immediately! We will initiate a plan and coordinate with the appropriate recommended, vetted, vendors to address the problem.

Why should I choose a qualified, professionally trained home watch professional?

Whether it’s your primary residence or second home—we offer a vital service. Peter Van Alstyne has earned the designation of “Certified Home Watch Professional” through the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). Certification is achieved through the completion of a training curriculum and examination based on the NHWA’s Best Practices and input from leading Home Watch business owners throughout the United States and Canada. Certification lets the public know of a Home Watch professional’s standards in the Home Watch industry.

What documentation does Acuity Home Watch provide?

We use a Home Watch Management and Reporting software that is GPS enabled and provides real time proof that a visit has been completed and the time of submission.  It is a cloud based system with a detailed checklist customized for each individual home and is completed and submitted on site.  Permanent documentation of every visit is accessible on any computer or mobile device for each of our clients.  Pictures and comments can be added to any portion of the checklist and the home owner can print these, if need be, for insurance purposes. In addition we can communicate with you and bill using this software.  This sets us apart from most home watch companies.


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